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Digital Telephony

Although we can offer a much more cost efficient and personal (when did you last chat to a known individual at your current provider?) analogue service, our specialism is digital telephony.  

These days broadband can do so much more than surf the internet.  Broadband can also host your entire telephone network, whether it's two or a hundred lines, allowing you to update and increase your call lines at the touch of a key.  

It will allow you to economise on call costs, visibly, by utilising digital rather than analogue networks.  It will allow you to take your entire telephone exchange with you from home to office and back again.  In fact, you can take your entire phone system to wherever in the world you can find an internet connection.   

No more clunky, expensive PBX boxes taking up space in your offices.  No more waiting for engineers to come round to service or update.  

And should you ever need to relocate your business, simply unplug the phones in your old office and plug them into the broadband at your new location.  All your lines and numbers will be there, intact and fully operational.  

Your customers won't notice anything but a seamless, uninterrupted service.  

We also offer single billing, so all your broadband, landline, and mobile usage is visible in one place and, if you wish, online and in real time.  

Many businesses are still mildly mystified by their telephone billage.  Our single billing means, with everything in one place and in a recognisable format, keeping tabs on your comms outgoings can be much much simpler.  

Digital telephony is the wave of the future, and now is a very good time to get on board.